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As CEO, he transformed the CEOWORLD magazine into a highly efficient, digital-first, profitable enterprise. Today, CEOWORLD magazine is a standard bearer for modern responsible journalism. Dr. Amarendra retains a strong desire to continuously improve his skills and abilities and believes that the first step to being a true leader is to inspire others to lead with you. In his current role, he counsels and collaborates with c-suite executives of large multinational corporations, helping them drive change in their companies to improve their competitiveness. Dr. Amarendra has extensive experience in serving on numerous boards.

  • To date, the CEQ2.0 has been translated and evaluated psychometrically in settings in Sweden, United Kingdom and Iran .
  • Mann-Whitney, Kruskal Wallis or Student T-tests were applied where appropriate, to assess discrimination between women who differed on individual characteristics .
  • Then I had to figure out why it is that we are happy, and I think it’s to do with the different types of freedom we have in the Netherlands.
  • The number of women making wills jointly with their husbands dropped, and the number of women inheriting real property plunged.

Amsterdam once held a one-third stake in Suriname, where enslaved people harvesting sugar cane on Dutch-run plantations made Amsterdammers https://gardeniaweddingcinema.com/european-women/dutch-women/ wealthy. If a Black person brings up slavery, "We're accused of playing the victim. That's not acceptable." The anniversary is called Keti Koti, which means "the chains are broken" in Sranan Tongo, a Creole language spoken in Suriname. "That was such a small word for such a big tragedy. It felt more sincere to just sit with that feeling of sadness and not take it too personally." Peggy Bouva and Maartje Duin traveled to Suriname together to visit a former sugar plantation once owned by Dutch nobility. Duin's great-great-great-grandmother held a share in the plantation, where Bouva's ancestors were enslaved.

These measurement scores could optimize future maternal healthcare since it will help healthcare professionals to be more reflective about their care provision including their communication skills. For maternal health care providers, the results can help to acknowledge women’s autonomy during labour and birth, especially during situations with referrals or complications and when continuity of care is under threat. Women’s right to decision making is an essential aspect of respectful maternity care provision, and should be secured as best as possible in any circumstance in order to achieve a positive birth experience. Valid measures to assess women’s autonomy, respect and overall childbirth experience are highly relevant for research purposes as well as for clinical settings. Measured experiences can be used as input to develop and optimize maternal care. Therefore this study aims to translate the CEQ2.0 into the Dutch language and evaluate https://sdm.kalbar.polri.go.id/2022/09/09/sponsored-posts-advertising-asian-mail-order-brides-spark-outrage/ the psychometric properties of the Dutch versions of the MADM, MORi and CEQ2.0. Since this is the first study that requested women to complete the MADM and MORi for each healthcare provider that attended them in the intrapartum period, we evaluated the acceptiblity and clarity of both measures as well.

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She could not institute or defend any action in her own name. Her husband had to appear for or with her in any suit in which she was charged as defendant, and she could make no contract without her husband’s authority.

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"Nelis' Dutch Village was a Pleasure to do business with!! Their Products are of Superior Quality. Their Service was Excellent. T... Littler Mendelson is part of the international legal practice Littler Global which operates worldwide through a number of separate legal entities. The SER recently conducted a survey among over 5,000 of the largest companies and approximately 100 listed companies that will be subject to the Diversity Quota and Targets Act.

Some of the benefits the Dutch state provides to women are probably unimaginable to many. There have been a lot of popular books in recent years about the characteristics of women of various nationalities, likeFrench Women Don’t Get Fat, which we’ll discuss in a minute. They seem to reflect an interest in whether other cultures have something to teach us about living our lives better.

She eventually finds their first names on colonial-era inventory lists, some "crossed off like objects," she says, after they died. During a visit to Suriname, Peggy Bouva pours almond syrup from a dried gourd as part of a prayer for Philida, Johanna and Rosalina Bouva, three ancestors enslaved by the Dutch. Bouva spent two years researching her family's history together with Dutch radio producer Maartje Duin, whose ancestor held stock in the plantation where Bouva's relatives where enslaved. Part of the reason lies in the social organization of the Netherlands, which offers women greater control over their lives than that of France or Japan. That is because Dutch women, according to a book just released in the Netherlands, don't get depressed.
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We thank all women for participating in this study and all Dutch midwifery academies and community midwifery practices for sharing the link for our online survey on their social media pages. Finally, we would like to thank the involved translators of Language Centre VUmc, and the other translators P. de Cock PhD, J.A. Engberts BSc and N. De Graaf for their contributions in the translation process of the Dutch version of the CEQ2.0. Of our sample, 54.9% started their births in community midwifery care and 82.0% delivered vaginally. Compared with the Dutch population of pregnant women of singletons the corresponding population numbers in 2019 were 50.7, and 74.5%, respectively . Women https://songbook.qodeinteractive.com/eleven-finest-mail-order-bride-sites-to-find-love-abroad/ who give birth vaginally often rate a better birth experience than women who received care had an instrumental birth or caesarean section . Therefore, it is possible there is an overrepresentation of higher scores in this study.