Dual Moving Average Crossover DMAC Trading Strategy


It is possible that an analysis of the direction of the slope may be helpful in capturing some of the lost profits. We recommend exploring an analysis of a Price vs. SMA crossover. We can see from the DMAC graph that much of the potential profit is lost when the trading signal is provided. From the out-of-sample analysis, we discovered that by utilizing a well-conceived parameter selection process, it appears that we did indeed succeed in selecting profitable DMAC combinations.

However, this comes at a cost — SMA lag the original price, which means that changes in the trend are only seen with a delay of L days. For a SMA moving average calculated using M days, the lag is roughly around M/2 days. Thus, if we are using a 50 days SMA, this means we may be late by almost 25 days, which can significantly affect our strategy. The Moving Average Crossover indicator uses 3 moving averages to signal long and short opportunities based on moving average crossovers. By taking entry and exit positions based on moving average crossovers, we are able to project profit with this script.

Apply https://traderoom.info/ in Trading Free self-paced course Start for FREEThe weightage to the most recent data is greater for a shorter period EMA than for a longer period EMA. For example, a 10 period EMA applies a weightage of 18.18% (2/11), whereas that for a 20 period EMA is 9.52% (2/21). The sum of all these linearly weighted elements will then be added and divided by the sum of the multipliers. In the case of 10 elements the sum will be divided by 55 (n(n+1)/2). The chart shown below plots the SMA , EMA and LWMA for a 30 day period. The trick is to take the sign of the difference between then price $p_i\left(t\right)$ and the EMA $e_i\left(t\right)$.

The moving average trading helps to level the price data over a specified period by creating a constantly updated average price. Hence, the indicator is responsive to new and updated information which means better predictions. Assume that a security has risen by the same amount each day for the last 60 trading days and then begins to decline by the same amount for the next 60 days. The 10 day moving average will start declining on the sixth trading day, the 20 day and 30 day moving averages will start their decline on the eleventh and the sixteenth day respectively.

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The Value Approach offers the opposite trading signals to the Technical Approach. Basically, the principle of momentum states that a price that is moving up during period t is likely to continue to move up in period t+1 unless evidence exists to the contrary. One average would be the short term and the other long term . Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Forex and CFDs are highly leveraged products, which means both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade in these products if you fully understand the risks involved and can afford to incur losses that will not adversely affect your lifestyle.


During a strong 3 moving average crossover strategy, the price usually pulls away from its moving average, but it moves close to the Outer Band. When price then breaks the moving average again, it can signal a change in direction. Furthermore, whenever you see a violation of the outer Band during a trend, it often foreshadows a retracement – however, it does NOT mean a reversal until the moving average has been broken. The Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator based on moving averages.

What are the best 3 moving average crossover settings?

Then I would’ve bought the stock between that same time period for a little under $400 and later sold it right before March 2020 for a little under $700. Next I would’ve bought the stock for around $450 between the dates March 2020 and April 2020 and sold it between the dates April 2020 and May 2020 for a little under $600. For a sell trade, sell when the five-period EMA crosses from above to below the 20-period EMA, and both EMAs and the price are below the 50-period EMA. Also, there are periods where the prices are making fundamental moves from one range to another, or trending periods. In effect, this makes the buy/sell signals more timely in nature.

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The short-term moving average closely resembles the actual price which perfectly makes sense as it takes into consideration more recent prices. In contrast, the long-term moving average has comparatively more lag and loosely resembles the actual price curve. Simple Moving Average is one of the core technical indicators used by traders and investors for the technical analysis of a stock, index or securities. Simple moving average is calculated by adding the the closing price of last n number of days and then diving by the number of days(time-period).

What are Golden Cross and Death Cross?

This type of financial information is most likely to be included in basic or fundamental analysis of a specific stock. Find the approximate amount of currency units to buy or sell so you can control your maximum risk per position. The 10-day EMA crossing over the 30-day EMA above the 50-day EMA is a potential long entry signal. Price over all three averages is a strong confluence showing both an uptrend and rising momentum in all three time frames. When the MACD line crosses above the signal line, it is recommended to buy the underlying security and when the MACD line crosses below the signal line, a signal to sell is triggered.

  • Thus, an alternative way is to simply add all the strategy log-returns first and then convert these to relative returns.
  • This is where the strategy becomes more subjective - judge the strength of the trend and proceed accordingly.
  • The Golden and Death Cross is a signal that happens when the 200 and 50-period moving average cross and they are mainly used on the daily charts.
  • We suggest ensuring that all moving averages are running in the direction of the break and that you keep a close eye on momentum.
  • To make things super-duper clear, let’s take a look at one more example of when a crossover occurs.
  • One of the oldest and simplest trading strategies that exist is the one that uses a moving average of the price timeseries to proxy the recent trend of the price.

Moving averages are lagging indicators, which means they don't predict where price is going, they are only providing data on where price has been. In the next lesson, we will look more into how Moving Averages work with Support and Resistance levels. When you’re ready, check out how these concepts can help improve your overall trading strategy.

I have learnt a lot within a short period I stumbled upon ur site and for free. Thank you for adding the Comments Column to your Teachings, as these are a valuable source of information, and confirmation, in helping traders confidence, and decisions . I am also following same strategy since last year and making potential profit after wasted too much pips by using other strategies since last 7 years. How would you identify a trend when using weekly candle charts.

Using SMA Crossover to Develop a Trading Strategy

The Keltner Channel or KC is a technical indicator that consists of volatility-based bands set above and below a moving average. The 10-day EMA crossing over the 30-day EMA below the 50-day EMA can be a potential signal of a reversal in the longer term trend from down to back to an uptrend. Every moving average indicator is different and works well for a particular situation. Let us see the difference between EMA and SMA indicators to find out the difference.


If the Use ATR Stops is FALSE the trading system computes a stop at the price of the long moving average for the purposes of position sizing. In the example below the 8, 13 and 21 period EMA’s have been added to the chart. When we see the 8 EMA cross above the 13 EMA and then both these EMA’s cross higher above the 21 period EMA we would start looking for long trades. This is one of the simplest and easiest to use strategies you will find.

Challenges with the moving average crossover trend

For shorter time frames , the exponential moving average is preferred due to its tendency to follow the price curve closely (e.g. 4, 9, 18 EMA or 10, 25, 50 EMA). A buy/sell signal is given when the 4-period SMA crosses over the 9-period SMA AND they both then cross over the 18-period SMA. Generally, the sharper the push from all moving averages the stronger the buy/sell signal is, unless it is following a substantial move higher or lower. Contrary, when the short term moving average crosses below the long term moving average, it may be a good moment to sell.

I am an old trader still turning in circles with no big success. I am so grateful to have come across this vital information regarding MA. I had difficulty understanding it’s use, but Rayner explained it all. So you want to be shorting USD/CAD instead of USD/JPY (because it's a relatively weaker market). This allows you to pick the best market and have a higher probability of the trade working out. If you want to long, you’d want to long the strongest market.

Moving average trading strategies

I use slow moving EMA’s and Fast moving EMA’s looking for crosses and as dynamic resistance. Frankly I do not use the typical 5, 20, 50, 200 MAs but only 10th however plotting it on different time frames. To be honest, there’s no best type of moving average to use. EMA is simply more responsive compared to SMA, because of the way the EMA is calculated. Instead, you’ll tweak the MA trading strategy according to your own personality and time commitment. If you’re someone who holds a day job, trading the 4 hour and daily charts would be suitable.

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We're also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. The three moving averages we will look at are the 10-day EMA, 30-day EMA, and 50 day EMA. You can avoid moving average trading during the situations mentioned above in which moving average trading is not as successful. Now we will discuss some disadvantages of moving average trading that you can weigh against the advantages for a successful trading experience. A change from positive to negative is considered to be a bearish sign while a change from negative to positive is considered as a bullish sign.

This is an advanced moving average crossover scanner that comes with some very useful features. This indicator is not free, but it does come with a free demo that you can try to see if you like it. This is a very useful free indicator from Earn Forex that will send you alerts if the moving averages you have set up have crossed over. In the example above, the 10-day moving average is fastest, the 50-day moving average is intermediate, and the 200-day moving average is slowest. Like a moving average, the triple moving average shows trends in price movement over time.

It’s actually a trend following strategy just that the entries and exits are based on moving average crossover. It’s hard to determine which is the “best” moving average crossover combination because each method serves a different purpose. Therefore, what’s right for one trader might not be the best choice for another.


Although our approach was purely technical in nature, this single data set does not justify generalization across other currencies or asset classes (e.g. futures, equities). Used Fibonacci Series as a starting point for short term and Long term (first 12 – 5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987 – examined. Results not different from below). So, the actual price traded will, with great probability not equal the corresponding moving average values.

Millennials: Finances, Investing, and Retirement

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has a lot to say about the nearly half of young adults who are still living at home—a level that hasn’t been this high since the Great Depression. Young adults living with mom and dad aren’t managing their money wisely, says Dave Ramsey. When choosing a new place to bank, “security” was the top-rated concern across Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers.

  • They have unique consumption trends that make SDGs goals more attainable.
  • Social and spiritual consciousness encourage them to conserve the environment for future generations.
  • Millennials are now well out of college, and that life stage is dominated by Gen Z.

Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Another smart financial move is buying long-term disability insurance while you’re young and healthy, which qualifies you for better premiums.

This cohort is open-minded since they were raised in a networked world. They are connected through the use of mobile apps and social media websites. They are optimistic about a sustainable future because they are a digital generation that believes in technology.

Millennials are saving an average rate of 8% of their annual salary, if that is compared with the average income of $40,581 – that would be an annual savings of $3246. 2.Technology-based.- Three years ago, millennials overtook Gen Xers and became the largest cohort in the workplace in the United States. The generation has unique attributes such as being web-savvy, curious, independent, and tolerant. Sustainable and ethical business practices are forcing most organizations to conform to environmental, social, and governance tenets such asdiversity & inclusion and transparency.

Becoming Financially Independent

At the end of the day, many millennials are planning for retirement, even if it looks a little different than their parents' or grandparents' post-work lives. For some, working extra hard by building passive income streams, like investing in real estate, may help cushion the potential for early or partial retirement. Other millennials who don't anticipate a robust financial exit from their jobs may incorporate travel and enjoyable activities throughout their working life.

It is not that millennials do not understand the value of money; it's just not their primary motivation. What they value most is the attractiveness of the work itself, mobility , the opportunity to meet people and network, and a relaxed atmosphere. Born after 1996, the oldest members of Generation Z are just starting their careers and possibly their families. Personal finance is about managing your budget and how best to put your money to work to realize your financial independence and goals.

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In a bid to let every individual uphold their own beliefs, they have opted for spirituality. Instead of worshipping at different altars, they have reawakened spirituality. Religious products and anything that connects them with alcohol and drug abuse counseling nature appeal to them. They want to defend their future and the planet, which is leading them to choose firms that embrace sustainability. People will see that your team and organization truly value employee development.

Help them improve on the job

Living a partially retired lifestyle is the most moderate approach. You will probably need a part-time job with a decent salary that allows you to work less and continue saving for the future. You might achieve this goal through freelancing on your schedule or by running or working for a location-independent business that lets you combine work and travel or hobbies. The a synthetic derivative of the kudzu vine can firm provides Solari the ability to create his schedule to give him a work/life balance, which is most important because he observed his parents being strapped to their companies. "Retirement is for people who are unhappy with their careers," he adds. Savings accounts cause you to lose money over time because their low-interest rates do not keep pace with inflation.

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As long as you pay them in a timely and regular fashion, they help you establish a good credit history. You need a good history and credit score to obtain everything from a residential lease to a bank loan . Not only is it OK to have the right kind of debt, but it can also make a lot of financial sense. You could obtain a low-interest auto loan and pay it off in small, regular installments while more of your cash remains available to put toward something else.

This means living through the Great Recession during the late 2000s, and more recently, dealing with the worldwide health crisis that ushered in another economic downturn. In spite of these bleak circumstances, it pays to have an optimistic outlook. I believe that having trusted mentors and partners who are good at what they do and share the same vision and goals as you is a necessity if you want to scale your business. All of your combined experiences and expertise can eventually bring the company to greater heights. Sure, some young adults prefer to treat themselves—after all, Gen Z is motivated by affording material goods more than any other generation and began spending on these high-ticket items earlier on. But if that’s the case for those living at home, that doesn’t mean they’re also not socking money away.

The Millennial generation grew up with high expectations and, along with that, near constant praise and affirmation at each stage. A strong sense of workplace recognition will likely help engage these workers. Rather than sticking with what might seem outdated, Millennials will try to inject updated technology and workflows.

While twice-yearly reviews might be enough for your other workers, it is in this category that Millennials stand out and show how different they are. Some Millennials may take the lack of reviews and feedback to mean that they are not appreciated. Millenials have a different “social mindset”, according to the Ivey Business Journal. They want feedback on how they are doing, they want that feedback often, and they want it right now. Keep in mind, Millennials still crave in-person collaboration and abhor the faceless vacuum that technology has brought.

They want a secure job, but they aren’t looking to make one job their life’s work. They are on track to being the most educated generation, rising to meet a new knowledge-based economy. They are less attached to organized religion but identify more with spirituality. In 2015, Pew Research Center alcoholism and anger findings showed that 34% of millennials don’t identify with a religion. In connecting with spirituality, they believe in the concept that all human beings are equal. They feel a deep sense of connection in helping each other regardless of gender, race, religion, or political affiliation.

Sallie Mae vs. College Ave Student Loans Comparison

They’re digital natives that will expect fully integrated, personalized consumer experiences. Based on current data, it appears that Alphas will be one of the most highly educated and wealthy generations. It is not clear if their banking habits will be influenced by their parents (i.e. “my parents bank here, so do I”) or by other factors. Ethnically Diverse and Optimistic.- Millennials comprises the most ethnically diverse generation.

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Today, older generations are behaving more like younger generations. And if you want to succeed in tomorrow’s market, you already need to meet these younger generations where they are. Now is the time to extend your brand of great service beyond the branch. However, for Gen Z and Boomer consumers, branch locations was the second most popular result, with “reputation” close behind. Younger consumers still care about branch locations but weigh it around the same level as an institution’s digital and app services.

Home Warranty: Best Companies of 2023

It also doesn’t mean that every boomerang kid is splurging on luxury. A common source of confusion when labeling generations is their age. Generational cohorts are defined by birth year, not current age.

The 10 Best Life Insurance Companies for Millennials in 2023

They need to feel that what they do is worthwhile and has a meaning beyond making money. They are motivated by being part of something important that positively affects their environment. If you even saved up enough to live on $36,000 a year from a retirement account, it will likely not be enough. For instance, if you’re making $30,000 a year, it will be nearly impossible to amass a large sum of money—even if you were to save all of your extra pennies. For instance, broadening your earning capacity—via education or work experience—can help increase your worth and broaden your income horizons. When workers don’t move around, from both job to job and region to region, employers have more power when negotiating wages—a phenomenon called monopsony—which translates into employees getting paid less.

But for Millennial and Gen Z consumers, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, according to a recent Adobe Analytics study, 44% of Gen Z and 31% of Millennials have used a banking chatbot to answer their questions. And before you think that must be a terrible user experience, over half of both groups who actually used a chatbot said the experience was better than talking to a real person. Each generation grew up in evolving technological worlds and has unique preferences in regard to managing financial relationships. Younger generations have often led older Americans in their adoption and use of technology, and this largely holds true today.

On-the-job training is most effective when there’s real challenge involved. If you think a team member is ready to try something new, give them a small project and let them try their hand. For example, sit down with them to review that report they submitted and point out opportunities for improvement. One of this generation's most distinctive features is the need for others' approval. They are one step short of being "addicted" to recognition, which they not only expect from their superiors, but also from their peers.