Azuri Skincare is helping women and men to achieve beautiful and healthy skin through moisturizers made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Our name and logo mean “beautiful earth”, and we pay homage to this concept through our distinctly honest ingredients that are always sourced ethically and sustainably.

What do we stand for? We’re glad you asked.


Our small, woman-owned business thoughtfully infuses love into each handmade batch of Azuri Skincare. We sincerely appreciate our community of customers which continues to grow each day. You’ll experience this love and gratitude from the women of Azuri Skincare each time you make a purchase on our website or send us a note online.


We work to reduce our environmental footprint by utilizing organic, fair trade ingredients with minimal packaging. Azuri Skincare is handmade in California without GMOs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and formaldehyde. No artificial color or fragrances. Vegan. Not tested on animals. We are set to begin a change in modern skincare by focusing not on what we are missing but rather on what the earth already provides to nurture our skin.


We seek to care for ourselves and our loved ones using ancient traditional practices from India and Africa. Our focus is to incorporate the deep roots of global cultures and to directly support those cultures by buying from fair-trade, women-led organizations.

Access the world’s most ancient traditional skincare techniques through unique formulas handmade at Azuri Skincare in California.